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Cuddling Comes Out of the Closet!

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Cuddling!  It’s the new Hot-Stone Massage, but without having to take off your clothes! ;-)


In the past 10 years, Platonic Cuddling has become quite the rage.  During this time, Cuddling has evolved from a playfully intimate display of affection to a successful industry centered around the philosophy of consent.   Professional Cuddling is a new form of therapy and self-care that has become very popular in large cities around the world (Portland even has a Cuddling Club!).  Websites like Cuddle Comfort and Cuddlist count their members in the hundreds of thousands.   


Scientifically Cuddling releases Oxytocin, aka the “Cuddle Hormone.”  It is a hormone released into the body that creates a natural high.  And Oxytocin’s trigger trigger? Tender touch!


In the last year, The Cuddle Collective has worked with clients in cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, South Florida, and the Bay Area.  Our goal in creating Public Cuddle Puddles at music festivals, art events, and in the corporate environment is to help mainstream this valuable form of touch therapy!


We are especially proud of our “Cuddles Cancel Cancer” initiative.  Twice a year, The Cuddle Collective will be holding a FREE event for those suffering from cancer.  When someone’s body rejects them, the result can feel very spiritually and physically isolating. Not a great place to be…  The Cuddle Collective decided to combat “the Big C” the best way we know how: a Round-Robin-Style Cuddle-A-Thon! (So if you’re interested in setting up a CCC please EMAIL US!)


Let’s Go Save The World, One Cuddle At a Time! 

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